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Bathroom Storage

Shampoo bottles taking over your shower floor? Keep your bathroom neatly organised with our wide range of bath and shower storage solutions. From hanging shower caddies, to the latest in bathroom tile and glass suction products from EvoVac and TOOLETRIES, we have a storage solution for every shower. Why not add a luxe feel to your bathroom with a bath caddy to place your favourite glass of wine and reading material?

Create an efficient morning routine and make the most of your bathroom vanity, shaving cabinet and drawers with our collection of mirrors, makeup storage, drawer organisers and essential bathroom accessories. Choose from our wide range of bathroom sets from best brands Umbra and Joseph Joseph, with matching soap dispenser, soap dish, tumbler, toilet brush and toilet roll holder, for a stylish and coordinated look. Add a bathroom bin from simplehuman and brabantia, to complete the space. With everything from toothbrush holders to digital bathroom scales, non-slip shower and bath mats to hair straightener holders, we have your bathroom organisation sorted.

Run out of space? Add extra bathroom storage with drawer units, towel racks and rails, over the toilet storage and over the door hooks. We’ve also got everything to keep your bathroom clean and tidy with our shower squeegees and cleaning essentials.

Why Is Organising Your Bathroom Important?

Organising your bathroom has several benefits to make your daily life run smoothly. After all, the bathroom or ensuite is generally one of the most used areas in the home. From morning to night, parts of your daily routine will always require something in this space. Reducing clutter by the bathroom sink, in the vanity, shaving cabinet and shower ensures that you can quickly find what you need when you need it. Keeping your toiletries and bathroom essentials organised also means that you will easily be able to see when they are running low and need replacing.

The Best Tips To Organise Your Bathroom

Whether your bathroom is shared, or the availabe space is simply compact, we have a range of solutions and tips to maximise storage in these wet areas.

  • Keep your bench top clutter free: As the space where you spend the most time in the bathroom, it's best to keep it clear. Have all your essentials towards the back, stored in our bathroom organisers. Place your hygiene products in one of our soap dispensers, next to the basin for easy access.
  • Take advantage of drawer dividers: Use drawer dividers in your bathroom to sort out your various makeup brushes, razors, toothpaste and other gadgets.
  • Keep spare toilet paper rolls next to the toilet: Easily replace toilet paper when it runs out by keeping spare rolls in a toilet paper holder next to the toilet.

The Benefits of Using Bathroom Caddies

Bathroom caddies are a basic but effective storage solution that is percect for organising your various products. At Howards, we have a wide range of various shapes and sizes to suit your own bathroom interiors. Here are some great ways to maximise space with these caddies:

  • Avoid cluttered floors and bench tops by keeping all your bottles and accessories in shower caddies.
  • Place them on various surfaces such as showerheads, curtain rods, over the door and screen and on the tiles and glass.
  • Organise your most used products at eye level so you can easily see and reach for them when you're in the shower.