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If you're looking for a way to store and display your wine collection, then it may be time to consider a wine rack from Howards Storage World! Choose from a range of wine racks for your kitchen, fridge or cellar. Whether you’ve got a big or small wine collection, there’s a range of wine storage solutions available to suit your space.

Why You Should Consider Wine Racks For Your Home

Poor or incorrect wine storage can spoil your wine and sour the taste! Storing your collection in a wine rack from Howards Storage World will allow you to get the most out of your wine. As a rule of thumb, storing wine bottles horizontally is excellent for all wines, particularly those with corks, as it helps keep the cork moist, a key factor for long-term wine storage. Horizontal storage solutions will also help maximise space and allow for easy access - it's a win win!

Tips For Finding The Perfect Wine Rack

When choosing a wine rack for your home, you should find one that will suit your style and size specifications. At Howards, we have various style options to match your home décor, so you can tackle style and practicality in one go!

  • Timber Cellar System: The Timber Cellar System wine storage system is practical and stylish, combining the attractive, natural look of wood with the sophistication and strength of steel. The Howards Rustic Mahogany Timber Wine Racks can be purchased by the pocket in kits that can be connected. The best part of all is that it can grow with your collection! You can combine multiple of the Howards Rustic Mahogany Timber Wine Racks with the Howards Rustic Mahogany Timber Wine Rack Connector Clip and ensure your wine rack is anchored safely to a wall with the Howards Rustic Mahogany Timber Wine Rack Wall Bracket.
  • iDesign Fridge Stackable Wine Storage: For those who prefer chilled wine, the iDesign Fridge Stackable Wine Storage racks are perfect to maximise and efficiently use the space in your fridge. The transparent design will let you visually see what you have without rearranging your fridge. With a stackable feature, you can add more as your wine collection grows. Did we mention it’s easy to wipe down and clean, thanks to the durable yet lightweight plastic?