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Bedroom Storage

Tidy room, tidy mind! Organise your bedroom and wardrobe space with our quality range of wardrobe storage solutions. From coat hangers to drawer organisers, to coat hooks and vacuum SPACE VAC bags perfect for seasonal clothing storage, decluttering your wardrobe and bedroom is simple with Howards. Pair our non-slip clothes hangers with clothes care items like DampRid's moisture absorbers and Cedar Fresh's range of mothballs and cedar wood hangers, to preserve and protect your clothes year-round.

Shoes, shoes, shoes! Whether your shoe collection is small continuing to expand, our range of shoe racks, shoe boxes and other shoe storage solutions are the perfect fit for your boots, heels and flats.

Design and customise your dream wardrobe with elfa, the fully customisable shelving system complete with shelves, gliding drawers, baskets, hanging space and wardrobe drawer units. For freestanding wardrobe storage solutions, our easy-build shelving units have you sorted. Completely adjustable, this flexible range is perfect for renters and is guaranteed to last. With garment racks and clothes racks available in a range of sizes, you'll be able to find a temporary wardrobe fix for any space. For a luxe hotel feel, why not add a clothes valet or luggage rack to your bedroom or guest room?

Add a touch of luxury to your vanity or dressing table with our assortment of makeup mirrors, jewellery boxes and makeup storage. Store and protect your jewellery with our range of stackable jewellery storage. Specially designed to hold anything from rings and bracelets to cufflinks and watches, the STACKERS range can grow with your collection.

Creating the Ultimate Relaxation Space

As a key place for relaxation in your home, organising the bedroom will help with more than just your home storage. Sorting clothes and personal items into spaces that are easily accessible will ensure that your daily routine continues to run smoothly. Also, a neat and tidy area without distractions will do wonders in creating a calm sleeping space.

The Essential Bedroom Storage Solutions

There are several ways to organise your bedroom and maximise space. At Howards, we stock the essentials to ensure you can always find what you’re searching for.

  1. Shelving – Shelves are crucial to maximising your storage space, especially if your bedroom is more compact. From installing a complete set of shelves to setting up a hanging shelf organiser, these solutions are perfect for keeping your clothes, books, kids' toys and more organised.
  2. Drawers – Sort all your socks and underwear in one place with a wide range of drawer organisers and drawer units designed to fit and expand within storage spaces of all sizes.
  3. Shoe Storage – Keep your floors decluttered and your room smelling fresh with a wide range of shoe boxes, shoe drawers, shoe racks and more.

Your Dream Wardrobe

As one of the largest storage spaces in the bedroom, organising your wardrobe is the perfect way to stay decluttered. Hangers and hooks are a classic way to expand storage, especially if you decide to install a hanging rail to double the amount of available hanging space. Storage boxes and totes are great places to keep miscellaneous items at the bottom of the wardrobe, out of the way, but easy to pull out when you need them. For clothing items that you know will be worn regularly, why not consider hanging them on garment racks outside of your wardrobe where they will remain within reach?

With a wide range of solutions, Howards has all you need to make your dream wardrobe.