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Bin Liners & Garbage Bags

Keep your kitchen waste-free and hygienic with our wide range of bin liners for rubbish bins of all sizes and shapes. Choose from great brands like simplehuman, brabantia, Joseph Joseph & more, with bin bags designed to fit perfectly without unsightly overhang. Ensure that rubbish stays securely in the rubbish bag with convenient drawstring or tie-top handles and extra-durable plastic seams. Do your bit for the environment with Howards’ great selection of biodegradable and compostable bin liners designed to break down completely.

Help your cooking spaces remain neatly organised with Howards Storage World and our top quality waste disposal solutions.

How To Find The Right Bin Liner For Your Bin

Top brands such as simplehuman and brabantia have their own coding system related to the capacities and shape of their bin liners. This makes finding the right size rubbish bag for your bin easy! Howards Storage World stocks bin liners of all sizes, ranging from brabantia 3L PerfectFit Bin Bags to simplehuman 60L Bin Liners. Check out our simplehuman and brabantia Bin Linder Finder pages to easily match the right size bin bag to your rubbish bin:

The Different Types of Bin Liners & Bags

To find the right bin liners for your needs, you need to consider how your waste is organised. Whether it’s general waste, recyclables or food, there’s sure to be a bag that suits.

  • Black/White Liners – Rubbish that goes into these bags are generally materials that can’t be recycled and are regarded as “general waste.”
  • Recycling Liners – These bags are commonly filled with mixed recyclables such as drink bottles, newspapers, cardboard, cans and more.
  • Coloured Liners – Colour-coded bin liners are a great way to organise your waste storage easily. If your local council has separate disposal rules, these different coloured bags will make taking out the garbage for bin collection day easy.
  • Compostable Liners – These bags are made for use with food waste, making them a perfect fit for kitchen bins.

How Do Compostable Bin Liners Work?

Compostable and biodegradable bin liners are specially designed to break down into nutrients that can feed the soil. They can do this thanks to being made out of plant-based materials. Both White Magic and brabantia offer bin liners made from corn starch that is 100% compostable.