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Get ready to experience the wonderful delight of a functional and stylish kitchen with our wide assortment of quality spice racks, trays and organisers. With over two decades of experience in the kitchen organisation space, we know that there's no better feeling than always having your cooking essentials easily accessible. Whether it's stylish revolving spice organisers perfect for your everyday spice essentials or wall-mounted racks that make th emost of even the most compact spaces, our range is designed to help keep your kitchen simply organised. Browse through our various kitchen storage solutions today. 

Types of Spice Storage Solutions

Some of you may be professional chefs with a vast collection of seasonings while others will be aspiring home cooks with a select few spices to liven up your meals on certain occasions. At Howards, we understand that every home kitchen is different, with their own set of needs and lifestyles to cater to. That's why we've put together a list of the most common types of spice storage solutions to choose from:

  • Spice Jars: A basic but versatile storage solution that is the perfect place to start when organising spices.
  • Wall-mounted: Ideal for those with limited space, saving room in the kitchen while adding a colourful display to your walls.
  • Free-standing: Make your collection the focal point of your kitchen with these racks that offer functionality and style to cooking spaces.
  • Drawer Organisers: These offer a hidden storage solution for your kitchen, helping to declutter your benchtops and keep all your spices in one place. Most of the will be angled for easy visibility and access when opening your drawers.
  • Rotating Spice Racks: Allow you to find the spice you need with just a simple spin and perfect for keeping your collection within easy reach.

Tips for Organising Your Spice Collection

When it comes to organising your spice collection, a few simple tips can significantly enhance your cooking experience and make the most of your nifty storage solution. We've gathered some of our top hacks to ensure you always have your spices at hand and keep your kitchen running smoothly.

  • Keep away from direct sunlight: Extended exposure to sunlight can cause a loss of flavour over time. We recommend placing your spices in a dark and cool place such as a cupboard or drawer to preserve their freshness.
  • Label everything: Invest in labels for your spice jars to avoid any confusion between similar-looking seasonings. This will not only help you find the right ingredients at any time but can also add a personal touch to your collection. Our appetito 45 Pack of Labels are the pefect choice for kitchen storage solutions. 
  • Categorise your spices: Arrange your spices by categories. This can either be based on similar types, most frequently used, colours and more. A categorisation process will make it easier to keep track of your spice collection as it grows.