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Sorry for the mess! With specialty cleaning products for every area of the home, Howards is here to help keep your home spick and span!

Brooms, dusters, sweepers and more! From the award winning microfibre spin mop by WHITE MAGIC, to the spray mop with specialised cleaning solutions for wooden floors and tiles from Bona, the way you clean your flooring has been revolutionised.

Scrubbing brushes, vegetable brushes, bottle brushes, tea towels and glass cleaners are kitchen essentials. BPA free and made of bamboo and recycled plastic, the eco friendly cleaning products from full circle make washing up a breeze.

Chemical-free cleaning is made easy with the range of machine washable microfibre cloths, specifically designed for areas in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry and all throughout the home.

Prevent the build up of moisture and mould with CLI-MATE’s portable dehumidifiers and the range of moisture absorbers from DampRid.