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Kitchen Bench Organisers

Benchtops are one of the most frequented areas of your kitchen. From housing cooking and dishwashing essentials to acting as a makeshift table to get homework sorted, your kitchen benchtops are guaranteed to see heavy duty use over the years. This is why it's essential to keep these areas organsied. Decluttered benches will make for a hassle-free experience and ensure that your daily routines continue running smoothly. At Howards, we have a wide range of kitchen storage solutions to help keep these spaces simply organised. Choose from paper towel holders, fruit bowls, knife blocks, chopping boards, kitchen bench shelves, turntables, stacking racks and more today.

Benefits of Kitchen Bench Organisers

Whether it's cooking a meal or looking for a bite to eat, we know that every minute counts in the kitchen. It is this need for time-saving that makes bench organisers one of the most important storage solutions in your home. These handy solutions offer several benefits including:

  • Maximised Space: Make the most of your kitchen spaces with organisers that are designed to easily store various utensils and gadgets while minimising clutter on bench tops. 
  • Improved Cooking Efficiency: A well-organised bench can save you time and effort by keeping the essentials close at hand, leaving you to focus on the important things, like perfecting the seasoning on your favourite dish. 
  • Enhanced Look: Give your kitchen a touch of style with bench organisers that seamlessly fit into the existing decor to make these spaces not only functional but aesthetically pleasing.

Tips For Organising Your Kitchen Benchtops

When you're just getting started, it may seem like a challenge to keep your benchtops organised. After all, they always seem to be the main dumping ground for your keys, mail, paperwork and more. Thankfully, we've put together some practical tips to help you declutter these spaces and make the most of your kitchen experience:

  • Identify the most used items: Pinpoint the items you frequently use in the kitchen and keep them on the benchtop or close at hand. This will save you space and time during meal preparation.
  • Create storage zones: Divide benchtops into zones based on your kitchen activities. For example, assign one area for drying dishes, another for food preparation and a separate one for your paperwork. This will ensure items are kept where they belong and makes multiple people working in the kitchen run smoothly.
  • Invest in organisers: Howards offer several benchtop organisers such as baskets, caddies and lazy susans that can be utilised for multiple purposes. For instance, baskets can not only help store your various pantry items, but also keep any loose magazines, paperwork, and mail all in one place.
  • Regularly sort and declutter: We recommend setting some time aside each week to sort through the items that have been left on your benchtop. Having a routine for organising your kitchen ensures these spaces continue to remain neat and tidy.