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Kitchen Storage

A disorganised kitchen is a recipe for disaster! Transform your kitchen shelves and benchtops with our storage containers & baskets, lazy susans, canisters and spice racks. Make pantry storage easy with our range of pantry organisers from best brands like OXO and Felli.

Maximise your cupboard and cabinet space with racks, shelves and shelving of all sizes. Struggling to find food items in your fridge? Look no further than the iDesign fridge and freezer organisers. With kitchen storage solutions from drawer organisers, utensil holders and cutlery trays by brands like madesmart and Joseph Joseph, to a wide range of dish racks, dish drainers, under sink and washing up solutions, Howards has every area of the kitchen organised.

For household waste management, look no further than simplehuman and brabantia for a rubbish bin that guarantees quality. With our curated range of rubbish bins & bin liners, sorting and disposing of general waste, food scraps and recycling is simply organised.

Easy Kitchen Storage Ideas to Maximise Space

Organising your fridge and freezer should prioritise maximising the storage space that you have available. Opt for stackable containers and organisers made from transparent materials that allow you to spot and grab the items you need easily.

When you have a dedicated pantry, it's also important to make the most of this storage space. Spice racks are essential organisers for your kitchen and help keep bench tops and shelves sorted.

Decluttering your drawers is a simple yet effective way to organise your kitchen. Having all your utensils and gadgets neatly sorted with drawer organisers and cutlery trays will smooth cooking and dining experiences.

The Perfect Uses for Storage Baskets

Storage baskets are a versatile solution that can easily be used to keep various food organised and accessible. Use our Howards Mimi Wide Pantry Containers for sorting pasta on deep shelves, while our Large Marie Storage Basket with Handle is perfect for keeping sauce bottles and condiments within reach.

How Sink Storage Can Enhance Your Kitchen Experience

Besides your pantry, the sink is probably one of the most visited areas in the kitchen. With all the washing, drying and cleaning accessories kept around, having a decluttered sink is essential to enhance your kitchen experience. Browse our various dish racks, sink caddies and soap dishes to minimise the time spent washing and more time enjoying your meal.

Popular Questions About Kitchen Storage

What are the benefits of organising my kitchen?
Organising your kitchen is more than just having a decluttered cooking and dining space. With our range of storage solutions, you'll be able to create a fun and stylish space to entertain guests.

What's the best way to create space in my kitchen?
Organising your kitchen with modular storage solutions is a great way to ensure that you make the most of the space in the room. Many of iDesign’s BPA-free organisers are stackable, allowing you to place multiple containers on top of each other and maximise shelf space. For more ideas on how to maximise kitchen storage, read our Organised blog on Clever Use of Space in The Kitchen.