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Laundry Storage

Wash, dry, fold, repeat. Streamline the weekly laundry routine and take the chore out of laundry day with Howards' selection of laundry essentials. From laundry hampers perfect for sorting dirty clothes, to innovative Strucket washing buckets and Sterilite laundry baskets, every stage of the laundry process is covered.

Hang out the washing, rain, hail or shine with our collection of clothes airers, perfect for households of every size. Opt for a tiered clothes horse for family-sized drying space, or a wall-mounted drying rack for a more compact clothes drying solution in the laundry or out on the deck. For a modern spin on the traditional washing line, brabantia's collapsible clothesline provides ample hanging space and folds away neatly. Maximise the amount of usable space in your laundry with our wide range of laundry storage solutions including shelving units and laundry trolleys, perfect for organising your various detergents, cleaning supplies and more.

With quality ironing boards and ironing board covers guaranteed to last, from top brands LEIFHEIT, Joseph Joseph and brabantia, as well as a range of laundry accessories like ironing board holders, laundry pegs, dryer balls and washing bags, washing is a breeze with Howards.

The Best Ways to Dry Your Clothes

While machine drying offers convenience and time-saving advantages, clothes airers and lines are great cost-effective alternatives for drying your laundry. Air drying is not only eco-friendly, but is safer for your clothes, with less chances of wear or tear. Moreover, hanging clothes to dry reduces the chances of wrinkles, meaning less time spent ironing. Outdoor clotheslines also have the added benefit of helping clothes stay fresh, with the wind and sun blowing away any odours.

How to Maximise Indoor Clothes Drying Space

Transforming your bathroom into a drying area during laundry day can maximise your available drying space. If needed, towel racks and shower curtain rails can be utilised as places from which you can hang wet garments. A compact, tiered clothes airer in the bathtub also provides additional space to dry clothes while keeping the rest of your home free of moisture.

Tips to Streamline The Laundry Process

Here are some great tips to organise your laundry storage for your needs and ensure an efficient system when doing the washing.

  • Make the most of vertical space – Installing shelves above your washing machine or sink will free up floor space and ensure that all your laundry essentials are easily within reach when doing the washing.
  • Keep a laundry hamper in the bathroom – Having all your dirty clothes stored in one place will reduce the time spent searching for garments and declutter the rest of your home.
  • Use collapsible clothes airers & dryers – Collapsible clothes airers and dryers are great solutions for limited spaces and they're easy to store away when not in use.
  • Use an ironing board holder - Simply collapse the ironing board and hang it up out of the way on an ironing board holder when not in use.