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Clothes Airers & Dryers

Air drying clothes isn't just energy and cost-efficient, but is great for the longevity of your clothes too! Find the best clothes drying racks with Howards' range of indoor and outdoor clothes airers, clothes horses and wall mounted drying racks from best brands like Brabantia and Leifheit. Enhance your drying with our selection of laundry pegs and more, all designed to securely handle your garments while they hang on clothes lines. 

Why Choose Our Airing & Drying Solutions

  • Quality and Durability: Our laundry drying solutions are crafted from robust materials and leading brands that are built to last. Choose from a variety of rust resistant and weatherproof airers and dryers.
  • Convenience and Efficiency: Our range of airers, dryers and accessories is designed to provide convenient solutions for your laundry needs. Whether you're looking for indoor or outdoor drying, our products offer efficient storage, ensuring that you can maximise your home's living spaces. 
  • Versatility and Adaptability: We offer a diverse selection of airers, dryers, and accessories to cater to different spaces and lifestyles.

Tips for Airing & Drying Clothes

To maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of your clothes airers and dryers, consider these tips and tricks:

  • Sort and Separate: Sort your laundry by fabric type and weight to ensure even drying. Heavier items might require more time, while delicate fabrics need gentle treatment. Hang heavier garments on the inside while lighter garments can go on the outside for easy access when it comes time to collect your laundry.
  • Shake out your clothes: Give your clothes a gentle shake before hanging them to remove any wrinkles and facilitate faster drying. Smooth out larger items, such as bed sheets or towels, to ensure even airflow and quicker drying times.
  • Proper ventilation: When using airers or dryers indoors, ensure proper ventilation to allow moisture to escape. This helps prevent excessive humidity and promotes faster drying. If you have a larger-sized airer or dryer, we recommend also leaving some space between each of the hanging items to allow for more airflow.
  • Utilise sunlight and the wind: If weather permits, take advantage of the natural power of the sun and wind by drying your laundry outdoors. Sunlight and wind not only dry your clothes effectively but also helps to naturally freshen and disinfect them.

Clothes Drying Accessories

At Howards, we also offer a wide range of accessories to ensure that your laundry is cared for and the clothes drying process runs smoothly. These include:

  • Metallic Pegs: Stainless steel pegs ensure that your garments will hang securely on lines and are made of durable materials to reduce the chances of breaking.
  • Clothesline Clips: Separate and organise the hangers on your clothes lines by attaching them to these clips. They're the perfect solution to prevent garments from falling on the floor while drying.
  • Tiered Baskets: Sort your dry laundry while you're at the clothes airer or dryer with a tiered laundry basket.