Rewards Terms & Conditions


1. Interpretation

1.1 In these Terms and Conditions, unless the context requires otherwise:

"Howards Storage World" means My Home Storage Pty Ltd (Trading as Howards Storage World) (ABN: 20 617 149 407) of Building 1, 1-3 Rodborough Road, Frenchs Forest, NSW, 2086;

"Member" means an individual who joins the Program and is accepted by Howards Storage World in accordance with clause 2 of these Terms and Conditions;

"Member Number" means the individual and unique Membership number assigned

"Participating Store" means a Howards Storage World store that is participating in the Program.

"Program" means the "Howards Rewards Program" governed by these Terms and Conditions;

"Offer" or "Reward" means an offer or a reward made available to Members (either individually, selectively or generally) under the Program, at the absolute discretion of Howards Storage World;

"Website" means the Howards Rewards Information on website  

2. Membership

2.1. Membership of the Program is only available to individuals who are Australian residents and 18 years or older, have a valid and operational email address and are not employees of Howards Storage World.

2.2. Acceptance of applications for Membership of the Program is subject to approval at the sole discretion of Howards Storage World.

2.3. To apply for Membership in the Program, a customer must either:

(a) Visit a Participating Store and apply for Membership. Staff will record the customer's first name, email address, phone number and postcode. The customer will then be sent a Welcome email with a link set their password and activate their Membership. This process may take up to 48 hours to complete.

(b) Visit and apply for Membership. The customer will have a $10 welcome voucher added to their account. You are then a member. This process may take up to 48 hours to complete.

(c) Shop online in the Howards Storage World online store and apply for a Membership. Customers will be directed to sign up online. The customer will have a $10 welcome voucher added to their account. You are then a member. This process may take up to 48 hours to complete.

2.4 When you sign up in-store or online, your purchases will start to count towards Rewards under the Program, unless otherwise stated.

2.5. Each Member is assigned a Member Number which is used for identification purposes. This number should be kept confidential and not told to anyone other than staff of Howards Storage World.

2.6. Only one Membership is permitted per person, and Membership is only open to customers 18 years of age or older.

2.7 The Company reserves the right, at any time, to verify the validity of any member or voucher (including a person's identity, age and place of residence) and to cancel any Membership or voucher if false information is submitted that is not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, or if a person tampers with the Membership sign up process. Errors and omissions may be accepted at the Company's discretion. Failure by the Company to enforce any of its rights at any stage does not constitute a waiver of those rights.

3. Terms and Conditions

3.1. Members are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions by doing any of the following:

(a) Applying for Membership of the Program;

(b) Becoming a Member;

(d) Claiming any Reward;

(e) Making a purchase whilst using a Member number

3.2. These Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with the general Howards Storage World Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice that appear on the Website, as these documents contain the most important information regarding use of the website and the protection of personal information.

4. Membership Cards

4.1. Members are requested to identify themselves to staff by either quoting a Member number, email address or phone number, when making a purchase at any Participating Store so that their purchase can be recorded against their membership account. Howards Storage World staff may at their discretion ask for a valid proof of identity (e.g. credit card or drivers license).

4.2 From September 2012, Membership Cards and Keytags will no longer be provided. However, a unique Member number connected to your provided email address will continue and be assigned to each new Member.

5. Rewards and Offers

5.1. Howards Storage World may, from time to time, in its absolute discretion:

(a) Advertise Rewards and Offers and any relevant criteria for Members to qualify to receive the Reward or participate in the Offer; and/or

(b) Issue unadvertised Rewards to any Member in its absolute discretion; and/or

(c) Notify any Member of a particular Reward or Offer, including via mail, email, SMS or in Participating Stores.

5.2. The features and benefits of the Program, from time to time, are described on the Website. Howards Storage World may notify Members from time to time of additional websites that set out features or benefits of the Program.

5.3. If Howards Storage World invites a Member to a special event, you may be asked to identify yourself to gain admittance to or discounts at the event.

5.4. From time to time, Howards Storage World may send Offers to Members from partners or affiliates of Howards Storage World, however we will never share your details.

5.5. Rewards and Offers may only be redeemed at Participating Stores, unless otherwise stated. Our online store is a participating store, so all online purchases via are part of the program and go towards earning vouchers if you are a Rewards Member. You can also redeem any available member vouchers online.

5.5.1 You must sign in as a member, for purchases to be added to your member account.

5.5.2 Only one available voucher per purchase made be used with an online purchase

5.6. Rewards and Offers (or any part thereof) are not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be taken as cash. Gift cards cannot be purchased with a voucher.

5.7. Rewards and Offers will be subject to these Terms and Conditions and may also be subject to additional terms and conditions applicable to specific Rewards or Offers. To the extent of any inconsistency, the terms and conditions for any specific Reward or Offer will prevail over these Terms and Conditions.

5.8 From March 1st 2023, a $50 minimum spend applies to the all Welcome and Birthday vouchers issued. For example, a $50 product can be purchased with a $10 voucher + $40 in cash.

5.9 Members may opt-out of communications by using the unsubscribe function in emails sent from the Rewards Program. Alternatively Members can email including their name, email address and Member Number. Should a Member do this, they will not be sent any notifications about Member-only promotions or Offers. They will however still receive information by email about their account such as changes to terms and conditions and rewards vouchers earned.

5.10 "Double Rewards" or "Double Value" promotions may be offered at any time, at the sole discretion of the company. These promotions are only available to active members and are defined as allowing members to earn their reward vouchers twice as fast as normal. For example:
- If a member spends $20, the company will record $40 on the Member account.
- If a member spends $110, the company will record $220 on your Member account and therefore issue a $10 Reward Voucher.

5.11. Upon opening a membership, a maximum of up to the previous 1 months purchase history will be considered, with respect to issuing any vouchers.

6. Personal Information

6.1. Members can update the personal information in their Membership profile by emailing with their email address, member number and details to be changed.This process will generally take up to 5 business days to complete.

6.2. Participation in this Program is conditional on providing the information requested during the registration process.

6.3. It is each Member's responsibility to ensure that the information kept in his/her Membership profile is kept up-to-date and to advise Howards Storage World of any changes as soon as they occur.

6.4. Howards Storage World collects personal information in order to conduct the Program. For this purpose, Howards Storage World may need to disclose such information to third parties, including but not limited to agents, contractors, service providers and Reward suppliers. Howards Storage World will not on-sell member data to any third parties.

6.5. Howards Storage World may, for an indefinite period, unless otherwise advised, use each Member's personal information for promotional, marketing, publicity, research and profiling purposes, including sending mail or electronic messages (including but not limited by email and SMS) to and/or telephoning the Members.

7. Changes and Termination

7.1. Howards Storage World may, in its absolute discretion, at any time:

(a) Change, amend or vary these Terms and Conditions, which will be effective upon publishing the new Terms and Conditions on the Website;

(b) Change, amend, vary, withdraw or cancel any Reward;

(c) Modify, suspend, cancel or terminate the Program;

(d) Exclude a customer from participating in the Program; and/or

(e) Suspend or terminate a Member's Membership ;
without prior notice to Members or customers, and without liability.

7.2. A Member may terminate his/her Membership at any time by sending an email to: including name, email address, mobile number and Members Number with the subject line "Cancel my Membership ".

7.3. In the event that Howards Storage World terminates the Program or any Member's Membership, any entitlements the Member may have had under the Program will automatically expire.

8. General

8.1. Howards Storage World reserves the right, at any time, to verify the validity and eligibility of Members, Membership applications and Reward claims (including a Member's identity) and to disqualify any Member who acts otherwise than in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or who tampers with any aspect of the Program.

8.2. Errors and omissions may be accepted at Howards Storage World's absolute discretion. Failure by Howards Storage World to enforce any of its rights at any stage does not constitute a waiver of those rights.

8.3. Incomplete or incorrect membership applications and Reward claims will be deemed invalid.

8.4. Howards Storage World's decision in relation to all matters arising under this Program is final and binding, and no correspondence will be entered into.

8.5. Any costs associated with accessing the Program website is the responsibility of the customer/Member and is dependent on the Internet service provider used.

8.6. All materials published by Howards Storage World in connection with the Program (including on the Website), including (without limitation) design, text, names, logos, images, photos, illustrations, audio and video recordings, and the selection and arrangement thereof are the property of or used under license by Howards Storage World, and are subject to intellectual property protection under copyright, trade mark and other laws. Such material, or any portion thereof, may not be reproduced (other than solely for personal use), adapted, modified, duplicated, copied, sold or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose without the written consent of Howards Storage World.

8.7. Except for any liability that cannot be excluded by law, Howards Storage World (including its officers, employees and agents) excludes all liability (including negligence), for any personal injury; or any loss or damage (including loss of opportunity); whether direct, indirect, special or consequential, arising in any way out of the Program, including, but not limited to, where arising out of the following:

(a) any technical difficulties or equipment malfunction (whether or not under the control of Howards Storage World);

(b) any theft, unauthorised access or third party interference;

(c) any membership application, Reward or Offer claim or other correspondence that is late, lost, altered, damaged or misdirected (whether or not after receipt by Howards Storage World) or delivery of any Reward or Offer entitlements (whether or not after dispatch by Howards Storage World) due to any reason beyond the reasonable control of Howards Storage World;

(d) any variation in the value of a Reward or Offer entitlements;

(e) any tax liability incurred in connection with a Reward or Offer;

(f) use of a Reward.

8.8. Without limiting clause 8.7, in the event that liability cannot be excluded by law, liability for a breach of a condition or warranty in relation to goods or services provided in the course of the Program is limited:

(a) In the case of goods, to either one or more of the following (at the absolute discretion of Howards Storage World):

(i) Replacement of the goods or the supply of equivalent goods;

(ii) Repair of the goods;

(iii) Payment of the cost of replacing the goods or of acquiring equivalent goods; or

(iv) Payment of the cost of having the goods repaired;

(b) In the case of services, to either of the following (at the absolute discretion of Howards Storage World):

(i) Supply of the services again; or

(ii) Payment of the cost of having the services supplied again.

8.9. The laws of Australia apply to this program to the exclusion of any other law. Entrants submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Australia.

8.10 When purchasing a Howards gift card, the purchase value does not go onto a Member account. However when a gift card is redeemed in the future, the purchase value will go onto a Member account.

9. Marketing Email Terms and Conditions

9.1. Some Howards stores are independently owned and operated, not all products in this offer may be available. Some products may become out of stock, discontinued or be replaced by new models. We recommend contacting your local store by phone to confirm availability and price to avoid disappointment


Thank you for reading and accepting our terms and conditions, for the Howards Rewards Program.