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Shelving Systems

Maximise your space and add an extra layer of storage to your home, commercial space or workplace with our customisable range of shelving systems. Whether you are looking for a freestanding shelving unit for your laundry, want to create your dream wardrobe or simply make the most of that awkward kitchen cabinet, our quality shelving systems are guaranteed to last and are a perfect fit for every space.

Swedish-designed and made to adapt as your needs do, the elfa shelving system is perfect for easily creating flexible storage space. Simply made up of a horizontal top track anchored to the wall, vertical hanging bands and an array of shelves, sliding drawers, clothes hanging space and accessory storage, elfa is ideal for adding functional storage space from the bedroom closet to the garage. With a 10 Year Guarantee, the elfa wall-hanging storage solution is excellent for an open wardrobe, the home office, the workplace, laundry, pantry and shed. Already have a pre-existing wardrobe but need some extra drawer space? The elfa freestanding drawer system is the ideal wardrobe unit.

For durable, freestanding shelving look no further than our easy-build shelving units. With a weight capacity of up to 250kg per shelf, easy-build is ideal for use in the home, garage, storage space or workplace. Simply pick one of our quick and easy-to-assemble, preconfigured shelving kits or select individual components to customise your own instant storage solution. Whether you’re looking for a wardrobe, pantry shelving, office storage unit, or freestanding warehouse racking, this adjustable system is the perfect fit.

Revolutionise your pantry, linen cupboard and laundry with versatile solutions by TANSEL. Made from high quality stainless steel and featuring a lifetime warranty, this pull-out storage system maximises the entire depth of cabinets and makes accessing everything easier.

Why Choose Howards Storage World For Shelving?

  • High Quality: Our shelving solutions are made with durable and long-lasting materials to ensure that they last.
  • Versatile: Howards' offers a wide range of shelving systems from top brands like elfa, Tansel and easy-build that can be used in multiple areas of the home and many can be reconfigured to suit your changing needs.
  • Easy To Install: Our shelving systems are easy to install and use, providing a quick solution to organise your storage spaces.
  • Specialist Advice: Howards is home to a team of storage experts who are always ready to help and answer your questions. We also offer professional installation services and design consultations for custom shelving systems.

What to Consider When Choosing a Shelving System?

Before designing and buying a shevling system for your home, here are a few points you should tink about to make the most of this storage solution:

  • Material: Shelves can come in a wide range of materials, from wood to metal and plastic. Each material has different properties, inclluding load capacity, size and installation.
  • Load Capacity: Consider how many things and the weight of what you want to store on the shelves and where the system will be installed. We recommend choosing high load capacity shelves for larger storage spaces such as your garage or pantry.
  • Design: Shelves are both practical and stylish, breaking up a room's look with multiple spaces to add decorative objects.

Which Shelving Styles Are Available?

  • Steel Shelves: Made from heavy-duty metal and wire gauge, these shelves are perfect for storing heavy items such as large boxes and files archives, garage equipment and more. Available in a variety of finishes to suit the room and the rest of your home.
  • Wall-Mounted: Take advantage of the available space and declutter floors with shelves that mount on walls. They are ideal for organising essential items, such as your bathroom products, at an easy-to-reach height.
  • Freestanding: These versatile shelves can be places anywhere in your home. Store books, toys, clothes and more across multiple tiers. Because they don't need to be attached to a wall, you can also use them to bring an extra touch to your home decor. 
  • Custom-Made Shelving: If you want to design and create your own shelving system, we offer a wide range of components and kits to customise a storage solution that suits your needs.